Why Someone Suffering From Depression Can’t Just ‘Get Over It’

When talking about depression, a lot of people forget that depression is an illness that requires proper attention and treatment. If you’re depressed, it can be incredibly frustrating to hear things like “Just get over it”, “You’re being really dramatic”, “You have to be strong”, “Learn to deal with it”, “Happiness is a choice”. You might start to think of...[ read more ]

The Best Medicine is a Treadmill: How Daily Exercise Can Treat Depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 9% of American adults live with depression. It’s also worth mentioning that a major depressive episode is the leading cause of disability for Americans between the ages of 15 and 44.Antidepressants are commonly prescribed to treat people with moderate or severe depression. And while these drugs do offer some relief,...[ read more ]

Why Every Man Should See a Therapist

While women are often the ones who seek therapy, typically making up nearly two-thirds of therapy patients, multiple studies have shown that men benefit more from the process. But men rarely seek therapy because they just don’t like the idea of opening up to a stranger and sharing their feelings.Therapy, then, isn’t a very naturally masculine process. But I want...[ read more ]

The Benefits of Online Therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in innumerable ways. But, as stressful as this lockdown has been for most of us, we have learned much about ourselves as individuals and as a nation.Another silver lining that has emerged from this crisis is a new awareness and embracing of treatment tools that have been available for some time. Telehealth (or...[ read more ]

What is Your Stomach Telling You? Intuitive Eating Explained.

Hate dieting? Then this may be the best blog post you have ever read!If you’re one of those people who has always had trouble maintaining a healthy weight – you are most likely also one of those people who has tried every diet known to man. And yet, none of those has worked.Maybe none of these diets have worked because...[ read more ]

Are You Doing Self-Care All Wrong?

The topic of self-care is one that has been discussed openly and often over the past decade. But for many, the concept of self-care is one that is still a bit mysterious, if not downright confusing.What Is Self-Care?First, self-care is a practice and a commitment we make to ourselves. It is any activity we do deliberately to support our physical,...[ read more ]

Knock Off Negative Thinking

How's that voice in your head sounding lately? Does it talk to you with kindness and compassion or is it telling you how you're failing at everything? Is it thinking of actual outcomes without disturbing who you are or is it telling you that the small comment your partner made the other day probably means your relationship is over? The...[ read more ]

Relationship Quiz: Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Relationships can be amazing and awesome and set our hearts a flutter. Relationship can also be draining and disastrous and make our stomachs roil. Do you have an idea of where your relationship stands? How's the health of your relationship? This relationship quiz, from, is a great place to start. CLICK HERE FOR THE QUIZ This quiz is only...[ read more ]

3 Happiness Myths

Do you feel like you just can't get happy? Do you feel like everyone else is happy except for you? If you answered yes to either of these, you may be struggling with the 3 happiness myths as stated by Dr. Russ Harris. Dr. Russ Harris wrote an amazing book called The Happiness Trap. I'll be sharing excerpts and skills...[ read more ]

Try this app if you struggle with self-harm

Self-harm is a very prevalent and serious issue in the United States and all over the world. Check out these stats from an article written by Each year, 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males engage in self-injury 90 percent of people who engage in self-harm begin during their teen or pre-adolescent years Nearly 50 percent of...[ read more ]

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